Group exhibition at Concordia

I was thrilled to be part of my very first group exhibition at Concordia in Enschede.
Alongside the works of other talented artists from studio building ‘de 6sprong’, I showcased a brand-new painting!

Saara-Maarit shows work in café het Bolwerk

Exhibition in café het Bolwerk, Enschede, the Netherlands

My first exhibition was in café het Bolwerk in Enschede. A selection of eight horse paintings were exhibited from 24 January – 1 April 2023. Two paintings found a new home.

About Helium Horse

The artworks made by Saara-Maarit Reijn are collected under the name Helium Horse.

Wall art in Uruguay with women tying her shoe in front of wall

Diverse Types of Artwork

The projects from Helium Horse result in diverse types of artworks, such as photographs, paintings, linoprints and more to come.