“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become.” – Paulo Coelho

My name is Saara-Maarit Reijn and I am the maker of the artworks shown under the name Helium Horse. In my work I use different techniques and materials to explore concepts such as wonderhopeplay and freedom. I aim for the ultimate experience of changing my point of view or coming to a different understanding. This gives me a great feeling of spaciousness and endless possibilities.

My choice of material changes from acrylic paint, photography and linoprinting to programming and coding. I love to experiment and discover new ways to visualize ideas.

My inspiration comes from my love of nature, horses and my son as well as more abstract matter, like mathematics and photonics.

As a physicist I have enjoyed an inspiring academic journey, working and living in multiple countries, including Sweden, Switzerland and Brazil. I take these cultural and technical experiences with me in my current journey as a visual artist.


About the pseudonym Helium Horse

Helium Horse is a pseudonym that symbolizes the fusion of my technical, analytical side (Helium) with my intuitive, sensitive side (Horse).

Within the domain of Helium Horse, my art studio, I capture moments of my lifelong journey, exploring forms that emanate from a complex essence.

This essence I often express through the form of the horse, a sensitive member of the herd. Without the horse there would be no herd, and without the herd there would be no horse.

Like helium, this essence is gentle, inert and weightless. It effortlessly rises up in the air and has the ability to show us new perspectives.